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Your Support Makes a Difference

At the beginning of each school year, the PTA creates a list of items and events it hopes to raise money to fund—these range from student folders to end-of-the-year parties and from field day shirts to scholarships. We aim to raise just over $50,000, which covers operating costs, fundraising expenses and provides enough funds to pay for all the items on our student/school support list.

There are times when our efforts and your support help us to reach beyond our goals. When this occurs, the PTA can work with the school district to identify needs and wants that are not within the school's budget but will enhance the overall learning environment.

Due to the success of various fundraisers, the PTA Board recently had the opportunity to spend some excess funds. With help from Dr. Nicosia, we identified a list of items totaling $14,592. In September, the PTA Board presented this list to its members and put it up for a vote, which passed unanimously.

Here are some of the exciting things the PTA was able to fund:

  • 3 Water bottle filling stations

  • 3 TVs with Chromecast

  • 2 School Spirit floor mats for each school

  • Custom indoor directional signs for each school

  • Recess items at MBD & SRD

  • 3 Outdoor benches

  • 15 Foot Gaga ball pit at WTB

To all the parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and others who have supported the Bloomingdale PTA -- THANK YOU! 

We couldn't have done this without your generous support.

The Bloomingdale School District is a special place, and we are grateful for all you do to make it even better.

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