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Our Committees


Beautification Committee

This committee will post items of interest to the in-school PTA bulletin boards and maintain the boards throughout the school year. The chairperson will also coordinate planting flowers during fall and spring at the school entryways. (Committee responsibilities run year-long).

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Liz Weinberg
Co-chair: Gina Baker
Book Fair.jpeg

Book Fair Committee

This committee promotes a love of reading by assisting in organizing the book sale in the fall. Volunteers organize, set up, check out, and clean up after the event. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Kim Walsh
MBD show.jpeg

Educational Arts Committee

This committee will work closely with school administration on educational enrichment progress for students, including the planning and organizing of school assemblies, art shows, etc. (Committee responsibilities run year-long).

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Dana Diamond
Co-chair: Madelyn Jelinski
family fun.jpeg

Family Fun Day Committee

This committee oversees the planning and execution of the family fun activities throughout the year, ending with the PTA Appreciation event (Family Fun Day) in June.

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Michele Reynolds
Co-chair: July Lorena Cestero
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Field Day Committee

This committee coordinates field day details with physical education teachers and school administration.

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Jeanne Harty
Co-chair: Christina Maldonado

Funraising Committee

This committee will brainstorm on fundraiser activities for students and parents to help fund requested programs for the students. Ideas will be discussed and brought to the board for approval. (Committee responsibilities run year-long).

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Samantha Swidrak
Co-chair: Leanne Scaturro
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Grants & Scholarships Committee

  • Teacher Grants: This committee will collect teacher grant submissions, review them, and decide what applicant(s) will be awarded a grant based on the funds available in the grant program. 

  • Student Scholarships: This committee publicizes and solicits scholarship applications for Bloomingdale students attending local high schools. All submissions will be reviewed and awarded by the committee, who will then distribute the scholarship(s) and follow up with recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Courtney DiPiazza
Co-chair: Christine Aiosa
teacher app.jpeg

Teacher Appreciation Committee

The chair/committee proposes, promotes, and implements PTA-sponsored appreciation events during Teacher Appreciation Week and throughout the school year. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Stacie Bennett
Co-chair: Sandy McMahon

TREP$ Marketplace Committee

​The chairperson works with WTB teachers to schedule weekly workshops, complete administrative duties such as student registration and ordering support materials, and plan and execute the marketplace event. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Stacey Scarturro
Co-chair: Loretta Bouchard
Tricky Tray.png

Tricky Tray Committee

The Tricky Tray is a significant fundraising event of the school year. Volunteers are needed for soliciting donations, decorating, wrapping baskets, and working the day and evening of the event. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Michele Ferry
Co-chair: Melissa Bressette
Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 11.28.27 AM.png

Trunk or Treat Committee

This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the Trunk or Treat event. Planning for this event should begin in August to be ready for the school year to recruit parent volunteers to decorate trunks and have treats for the kids to ensure a fun and successful event. 

School Year 2023-24
Chairperson: Kelly Couillou
Co-chair: Jillian Batista
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