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Silver Graphics

School Fundraising with heART

SilverGraphics transfers student artwork onto beautiful collectibles for schools to sell to friends and family. Parents love collecting our products personalized with their children’s artwork. Each product tells a story about the artist and the inspiration behind his/her creation, making them treasures to collect and share for years to come.

The PTA awarded 10% of the total proceeds from the Silver Graphics Fundraiser directly to Mrs. Conklin and the school's Art Program.
OPEN Through June 30th
How It Works

1. Artwork was created by MBD & SRD students.

2. Their artwork was sent to SilverGraphics for professional scanning. 

3. MBD & SRD families will receive personalized order catalogs in the mail.

4. Using the access code provided by SilverGraphics, families can log in to the online shop, view their child’s art, and place orders. 


  • Martha B. Day Code: MBD24Art 

  • Samual R. Donald Code: SRD23Art 

You can also upload any additional art your child has made. You do not only have to order the art that was created in school.

5. Select a shipping method:

  • Directly to your house - arrives approximately three weeks later

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