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Why is fundraising so important?

There is a gap between government funding and the costs of essential classroom support and educational programs. 

Fundraising is necessary to bridge the gap to provide the enriched and opportunity-filled education we want for our children. 

Where does the money raised go?

- Assignment Books and Communication Folders:

(MBD & SRD Students)

- Educational Arts:

Assemblies and more

- Walter T. Bergen's Most Valuable Bobcat

(10+ students per grade at the end of the 1st & 2nd trimesters)

- Rebecca Dilorenzo Music Award
(2 WTB Band Students)​

- 8th Grade Scholarship Program 

(2- $750 scholarships​ each year)

- Read Across America

(WTB - 1 student from each grade)​

- Annual Grade Savings 

Each year, the PTA allocates a set amount of money for each grade; these funds are used during each graduation year to pay for 8th-grade yearbooks and help with the cost of the 8th-grade dance. 

- Innovative Teacher Grants

(new initiative for the school year 2023-24) 

3 teachers will be awarded a grant providing teachers with classroom tools/materials to enhance the student's learning

2023 fundraising goal chart.png

The PTA also hosts and assists with special events and parties such as:

  • End-of-the-year class parties

  • Teacher Appreciation week

  • Family Fun Day

  • Field Day Shirts (for all schools this year)

  • Shirts for Kindergarten Shirts

  • Moving-up Shirts for 4th Graders (new initiative for school year 2023-34)

The PTA also works with the school district to identify areas of need related to our school facilities and equipment. 

  • Purchased 2 new playgrounds for Martha B. Day and Samuel R. Donald schools

  • Planted flowers and hung decorative flags at the entrance of each school

Why are there so many fundraisers?

We work hard to provide a range of fundraisers to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. There is no expectation to support every fundraiser – just choose the ones that fit your family.

How can you help bridge the gap and provide for our schools?

There are multiple ways that you can help the PTA reach our fundraising goals:

We Need Your Support!

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