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Why Join?

You Belong in the PTA

Today, PTA’s role is more important than ever in connecting parents, teachers, and administrators and supporting critical school needs. We want every family in our school district to join the PTA because we can do more together than apart.


Our PTA helps you Create Connections, Support Your Child, and Amplify Your Voice

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Create Connections

It indeed takes a village to raise a child—and our PTA  can help you build that village to support your child. Your membership will connect your family, school, and community, who share resources, opportunities, and tips to help your child and all children. We’re all in this together!

Support Your Child

You should join our PTA because our efforts are focused on supporting your child with education, health, and safety programs. You can help by sharing your thoughts and ideas on existing and new programs and volunteering to help at school events and fundraising necessary to cover program costs. 

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Amplify your voice

Have a voice in decisions that affect you, your child, and all our children by giving your input, feedback, and suggestions. Our PTA invites our school principals and superintendent to attend PTA meetings to share with and hear from you and others. 

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We need your support

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