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Welcome New PTA Committee Leaders

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

We are excited to announce that all of our 2023-24 committee roles have been filled, and the school year has yet to start.

We want to thank the current PTA Members who have accepted the Committee Chairperson and Committee Co-chairperson responsibilities.

We appreciate the time you are committing to helping the PTA achieve its goals. We are honored to have all of you. See list below.

There are eleven PTA committees that require members to volunteer their leadership. Some committees have responsibilities that run all school year long, while others are more event specific. All committees also need volunteers to assist the Chair and Co-chair with the various tasks.

You can learn more about all the PTA committees or sign up to join by visiting the committee page on our website.

We want to thank the current PTA Volunteers who have accepted the responsibilities of Committee Chairperson and Committee Co-chairperson.

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